The School of Medicine Drupal Prototype

The Drupal 7 prototype  is the brand compliant, responsive, and functional website solution that was custom built for organizational units within the School of Medicine. It is hosted by DHTS, talks to Shibboleth, Scholars@DukeEvents@Duke, and Duke Alerts out of the box, and allows for you to administer nearly all of the content yourselves.

  • Core Functionality
    From basic page administration to flexible layouts, it allows you to create and manage your content easily. It has preconfigured content types like labs, news, and programs. It is built on the most current version of Drupal, and is hosted with DHTS.
  • Shibboleth Integration
    No need to remember yet another password, the prototype integrates with Shibboleth so you use your normal NetID to log in on your site.
  • Scholars at Duke Integration
    Faculty and researchers don’t have to manage their profiles in two places, thanks to Scholars at Duke integration. Simply add a scholar using their ID and the site automatically pulls in data stored in the Scholars at Duke system.
  • Events at Duke Integration
    Now you can combine an Events at Duke RSS feed with your own news features on your site, in the same display. It’s easy to add the feed url to your site and watch the pages get built automatically.  Events at Duke can build a single URL that combines multiple feeds as well.
  • Customization
    The site is fully customizable so that you can build your own menus, call to action buttons in addtion to changing the colors and the geometric background patterns.
  • Duke Alerts
    The prototype utilizes the Duke Alerts feed to automatically display emergency notifications through the university system.

Using the prototype should reduce the cost of your site design and build.

Visit the prototype at