Who is DHTS and what is our relationship to the customer?

DHTS or Duke Health Technology Solutions supplies the IT infrastructure, governance and polices for all clinical and non-clinical applications used by the Duke School of Medicine and Duke University Health System. This includes hosting architecture, deployment and environmental maintenance for all entity web sites. DHTS Public Hosting should be the primary technical contact group for the development cycle. 


Do we have to construct our site using Drupal?

‚ÄčThe Duke Health System only provides hosting for sites developed in the Drupal framework. We have a central repository where we maintain our Drupal base code and supported modules. Vendors are expected to begin the development cycle using the DHTS existing code base. 


Why Drupal?

There are manywell established content management platforms and new ones being developed all the time. All of which may be appropreate for a variety of customer needs. Duke evaluated more than a dozen different platforms before settiling on Drupal.  It was assessed that Drupal scored the highest marks as a platform for the following criteria:

  • Strong core architecture
  • Third-party application integration
  • Suite of administration and monitoring tools
  • Wide scale community support
  • Enterprise level scaling

As a result, Drupal is the only offcially vetted content management system for Duke University Health System.


Can a Duke Medicine site be hosted by a third party?

Without special dispensation all Duke health sites must be hosted by DHTS. It is the policy of the Duke health Information Security Office that all intellectual property including (but not limited to) all domains that contain duke.edu must remain within a Duke hosted enviornment, be monitored by specific security and productivity tools and patched in accordancew with Duke policy. Any entity seeking third-party hosting will have to provide the following:

  1. A business case for third-party hosting
  2. A full security review to ensure compliance with Duke Health policies
  3. An extended support agreement for the site(s) for the duration of hosting services.
  4. No sensitve electroninc information of any kind.

In addition, vendors may eb required to sign a Business Associate Agreement. 


What are DHTS's Responsibilites?

DHTS will:

  • Host the website
  • Provide uptime monitoring
  • Keep the Drupal Core the website resides on and its associated modules up to date
  • Provide a login method for the website (The Shibboleth Module) to allow users to login with their NetID

DHTS will NOT:

  • Provide training
  • Migrate third party data to a Drupal enviornment
  • Make progrmatic or cosmetic changes to the website
  • Edit/Add content to the website

What are the Vendor's Responsibilites?

In addition to any and all contractual obligations, and policies regarding Duke intellectual properiy the vendor will: 

  • Provide well written and secure code
  • Provide proof of test validatiojn prior to release
  • Provide remediation and torubleshooting within an agreed upon window post-release
  • Produce web applications in accordance with DHTS vetted source code requirements  
  • Make any requested cosmetic changes as defined by their contract with the customer
  • Schedule and recieve approval from DHTS for any production deployments a minimum of 5 business days in advance

Why can't I see the development/staging/intranet site?

All of the development and staging domains, as well as the intranet site, are only accessible if you are connected to the DHE network (by being on campus or through VPN).